Farm Services Unit (FSU)

Farm Services Unit (FSU)


What is it?

Our Farm Services Unit or “FSU” offers farmers technical and practical advice in order to get the most out of your crop. We have a network of more than 90 extension officers (we call them our agronauts) working from the Farmers World and Agora retail stores visiting farmers all over the country. They harness the latest in science and technology to help small-scale farmers make better, data- driven agronomic decisions.

How does it work?

An agronaut will visit your land and take some soil samples. They will test these samples to find out exactly what your soil needs in terms of nutrients and fertilizer. They will continue to visit and share this information with you throughout the season ensuring that you get a bumper harvest.

To learn more you can visit the Meridian Africa website.

Get our help for free

We are giving away this service for free when you buy a “Food Security Pack”.